Victoria Alexandrova (b. 1982, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia) lives and works in Berlin. As a 15-year-old she moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, then to Finland and finally to Germany. The sensitivity for cultural nuances, through growing up in foreign environments, shapes her artistic work. In 2008 she graduated in Audiovisual Communications Technologies at Turun AKK in Turku, Finland. Alexandrova works in various media such as graphics, photography, audio and sculpture.

1982             born in Kamchatka, Russia

1998             moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina

2002             illustrator for the “Pluma y Papel” publishing house in Buenos Aires

2004             moved to Finland

2006-2008 studied in Audiovisual Communication Training at TuAkk, Turku, Finland

2010         photo editor at Istock/Gettyimages

2014              first works with sound and sculpture

2015              commissioned portrait painting “Kolme Kaisaa

2015              moved to Berlin

2016              first works with wood

2016              debut exhibition “Red Line” in Berlin, various media

2016              group exhibition month of photography-OFF Berlin “Colours I See”, photography

2017               first works with stone and marble

2017               exhibition “Ajatus” in Berlin, wood sculpture, installation art

2017               group exhibition 48h Neukölln “Girls on Film”, photography

2017               exhibition “The Window: VikaValter – Crossroads”, painting

2018               exhibition of watercolor portraits of artists in the context of the “10 Years in Sound” festival

2020              exhibition “Order!” in Gallery Bernau

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